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Medicated Mavens aims to provide a safe space to explore alternative therapies such as yoga/movement, meditation, essential oils, plant medicine, nutrition and other avenues to find the most natural and self-rewarding ways to heal and cope.  We educate and encourage personal acceptance.  

Our mission is take away the stigma use of cannabis and to motivate others to find the tools within themselves to holistically self-explore, medicate, educate, and accept.  

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The MAvens


Sarina Gomez

Sarina Gomez has followed her passion to work in the health and fitness industry for over 15 years and her practice has taken her all over the world, from Africa to Asia, Europe to the Unites States. She feels the most important quality in life is the relationship between the mind, body, and spirit and she has dedicated her life to growing both her physical and spiritual self. Her insatiable appetite for knowledge and growth has led her quest to learn more about her body awareness, alignment, preventive medicine and mental strength.  She is eager to pass that knowledge on to her students and encourage them to nurture their body, mind and spirit through the practice of yoga. Through yoga Sarina is able to create a space free of obstacles and hardships in her own body and live freely and openly. Her practice of yoga and meditation has allowed her to experience freedom and release. Sarina’s goal is to help others through their own journey to attain this element of peace so they can confidently and competently move their bodies through life.

Bre wolfe

Bre Wolfe says she felt compelled to teach 420 Yoga after spending time in South America where she experienced first-hand, the healing benefits of plant medicines including cannabis. “Marijuana has an incredibly extensive history of helping people heal everything from migraines to cancer to seizures and more. It helped me let go of deep, life-long generated stress and tension which was causing inflammation in my body”.  She says she instantly knew the healing combination of marijuana and yoga was something she wanted to share with everyone. “I am aware that this practice can come with criticism and judgement but I invite practitioners and the public to come experience the deepness of this concept.  It’s not about getting high, it’s about healing!


Brittany Shaye has been practicing yoga since she was 18 years old. She started with a hot yoga practice at True Hot Yoga and as her passion grew she moved into different styles such as restorative and vinyasa. Through her practice on and off the mat she was able to heal and gain a different perspective on life. In 2014 her fascination with yoga directed her towards taking John Salisbury’s 200 HR YTT and there she gained a deeper knowledge of yoga. Brittany specializes in vinyasa and restorative yoga that is accessible to all levels. In her classes she strives to make others feel comfortable in their own bodies and use their breath as a tool to quite the mind. Because of how much yoga has transformed her life, she hopes to offer the same tools so that her students can experience what its like to be mindful and loving towards oneself and others.



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